Schedule for Friday 4/10 Races and Info for Texas Cup Match Sprints 4/11

Here is the schedule for FNR on April 10. The cat 4 and cat 4 M35+ are separated on the schedule. If there are less than 9 riders for the M35+ the categories will be combined. There is a strong chance of rain for Friday and Saturday. We will do our best to keep you informed and make timely decisions on possible cancellation.

Saturday is the Texas Cup Match Sprints. The format is 200M TT for seedings, followed by Match Sprint Heats, Reps, 1/8, quarter, semi, and final rounds. All rounds will be single elimination except for semis and finals which are best of 3. The exact number of heats and rounds will be based on start lists and will not be known until the start of the event. We will be watching the weather and will promptly post any changes.