Summer Track Camp – Dick Lane Velodrome


by Jack Chipman

In the past couple of days, we attended the summer track camp that was held at dick lane velodrome in Atlanta, Georgia. When we were at the camp we learned many skills that made us all much better riders, that include perfecting our standing starts and how to slip into the middle of a pace line and preventing someone from entering the paceline.

In addition to the above we also had the opportunity to work on our match sprinting techniques with Olympian Michael Blatchford! Carl Jones and Suzie Goodwin both taught us their technique to perfecting a standing start.

On the third day we had a full day of racing that taught us what it was like to race in a much larger pack and how comfortable we need to be in large packs, in order to have good results at nationals later this summer. During the racing, we had a chance to race against people who are attending nationals.

The whole trip was a great experience to learn new skills how to adapt to a different track. The results of the races were:

15-16 male Omnium
1st place-Josh Gibson and in 5th place-Jack Chipman.

15-16 male match sprints
1st place-Josh Gibson and 4th place-Jack Chipman.

13-14 female omnium
1st place-Paige Ziska and 2nd place-Katie Gibson.

13-14 female match sprints
1st place-Katie Gibson and 2nd place-Paige Ziska.

13-14 male omnium
2nd place-Brian Luciano and 5th place-Alex Bartz.

13-14 male match sprints
1st place-Brian Luciano and 3rd place-Alex Bartz.

10-12 female omnium
1st place-Mya Duncan.

10-12 male omnium
5th place-Raphael Gonzales

All of the juniors would like to thank all of the coaches, Carl Jones, Suzie Goodwin and Lori Walker, all of our parents for helping us achieve our goals and the North West Cycling Club for giving us this amazing opportunity.

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